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Which hand should the jade bracelet be worn?


The original stone jade is a god-given treasure, deeply loved by people, jade jewelry is diverse, and the bracelet is most favored by the jade friends. So, which hand is better for the jade bracelet?

The left and right of the Buddhist culture

Buddhism has a theory called "Left and Right Exit", the left hand is called the net hand, and the right hand is called the dirty hand, because in general, people do things with their right hands, including doing some filth. Therefore, the right hand is to be purified; while the left hand is not a filthy, it is a pure hand, so wear a left hand when wearing a bracelet to absorb the power of pure essence of jade. There is one exception. Those who are used to doing things with their left hand are the other way around, "right to left."


The Way of Health Preservation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, pay attention to the coordination of yin and yang, and jade has the effect of balancing blood and massage on the human body. The jade bracelet contains a variety of trace elements. In the process of wearing, people will absorb the trace elements beneficial to themselves due to the frictional contact with the human body, which can balance the yin and yang. Jade has a massage effect on meridians and flesh and blood, which can balance the heart rate and calm the nerves. The heart is on the left side of the human body, so it is best to wear the jade bracelet on the left hand.

Emotional culture of mother and daughter, heart and soul, emotional culture of mother and daughter

Most of the jade bracelets are worn by women. Regardless of age or size, the daughter is always the mother's heart and is the most precious. The human heart is on the left, and the jade bracelet is worn in the left hand, closest to the heart. The jade bracelet is a bridge between mother and daughter. In the traditional culture of the Orientals, the jade bracelet is the spiritual communication between the mother and the daughter. It is the emotional sustenance of the mother and the daughter, and it is also a beautiful and happy life.

From a dangerous point of view, in general, people use their right hand more than their left hand, so wearing a jade bracelet in the left hand is safer than wearing it in the right hand. Because people use right-handed labor for a long time, the bones and bones of the right hand may be larger than the left hand. If the bracelet suitable for wearing the left hand is worn on the right hand, it will be difficult, so most women wear the jade bracelet on the left hand. In order to prevent the bracelet from being worn or loose, the size must be measured before buying the bracelet.

What can Power Balance Bracelet do?

Every biochemical reaction in the human body is produced after a series of electron exchanges occur at the microscopic level. When these tiny electrons coordinate and orderly interact, the human body is in an optimal state. The energy bracelet relies on bio-sensing. It can receive a frequency of 7.8 Hz in a moment, and instantly change the way the human body interacts with the electromagnetic field environment, helping the human body to receive the natural frequency signal instantaneously, so that the body can effectively adjust to the best balanced condition.

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Power Balance Bracelet

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